Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guys and Girls

I don't stereotype (that would be anti-Knocking down Silos ) but there are definitely tendencies between men and women. In the area of communication for example, guys tend to be a little more succinct in their thank you notes.

You will get a chuckle out of the attached "card" I got after doing a Knocking down Silos event to young Albertan farmers at Rock the Farm in Red Deer last month. OK, it's not fancy...but he wrote something, stuck it in an envelope and attached a stamp - the guy's trying!
And despite your request, you bet I'm hanging onto your card!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep your pipeline filled

The concept of being in "third gear" means providing value and demonstrating integrity without specific expectation of reciprocity. I'm often asked by job seekers and salespeople how this pays off unless the prospect responds in kind ("second gear behaviour"). While second gear is advantageous in many circumstances (e.g. this is how contracts work), third gear is how you network for success.
The relatively long sales cycle of using networking (towards that successful sale or job) means you need to have a system of regular activity.
Below is an email from Bryan Childerhouse, celebrating his recent success after looking for a new position. Bryan did a lot of things well. a) he kept his pipeline full b) he acknowledged the help of others c) he continues to offer assistance to others (even after he realized his goal).
Congratulations Bryan!

Hi everyone,

Two job offers, one contract and one full time sales opportunity within
eleven weeks of the search thanks to all your help. Interestingly enough,
both opportunities came from job boards that I rarely apply for, usually a
one in a thousand chance but backed up with some networking and a number of
great references.

Here's the final networking numbers which continue to grow as more of you
stay in touch and continue to refer others:

Network contacts: 280
Meetings held to date: 127
Interviews: 22

Effective January 19th, I decided to accept the contract opportunity as a
senior relationship manager for Capital One and currently planning out the
possibility of full time work provided we both see there's a fit in the next
few months. While a bit of a risk being short term, this is an exciting
opportunity with an organization with a very clear vision.

Once again, thanks to all of you for staying in touch and keeping my
confidence level up over the past three months . If Ok, I'll continue to
stay in touch and if I can offer any assistance networking or business wise,
please don't hesitate to call

Best personal regards and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Bryan Childerhouse