Monday, December 15, 2008

Agent? What agent?

I admire people who take control of their own life.

Two business associates and I were intent on enjoying a cool beer and a light lunch at a Toronto pub. The waitress swung by our table with a smile on her face and asked how we were doing.

I admire serving staff; their incentive system means that their compensation is a directly result of their behaviour. If you’re surly, tardy or unknowledgeable (what stops us from being good guys or amazing women) …you make less money.

I try to practice what I preach (watch your weekend challenges) and I looked for something to make a connection (compliment their taste and not their genetics). Diana was wearing a beautiful Celtic cross as a pendent.

First gear – I would be self-involved and wouldn’t say anything
Second gear – I would pay her a compliment and want something in return
Third gear – I would pay her a compliment. If I got the wave (better service) I would be appreciative but that’s not why I complimented her.

The conversation quickly turned to what she did when she was not serving drinks. (watch your weekend challenges) Diana informed us she was a singer and songwriter and had just returned from a multi-city tour in Alaska. By the way, this was all happening while she was serving a number of tables!

“Do you use an agent?” I enquired.

“Why?” she responded, “I book all my own business.”

Impressive! Too many people (especially artists) put their destiny and business development in the hands of others.

As the meal progressed, Diana and I had made an arrangement to swap her CD (All I Want) for my new DVD (Knocking down Silos).

I listened to her CD on the way home. Diana has a beautiful voice, an energetic personality and a “can-do” attitude. I asked her about her biggest challenge (watch your weekend challenges) If you need a singer at your next corporate function or want to order a CD for a holiday gift, check out her website.

People tell us we need to “network” for opportunities and friends. In reality, we are surrounded by amazing people. You just need to look up and they are all around you. Like Diana.


Anonymous said...

This is from a gentleman that I met while serving downtown..he is an international speaker on networking and business development skills!

Please check out for bookings, purchasing my cd, tour dates and press :D

Thank you Dave! :D

Diana Z

Anonymous said...

We love Diana here in Buffalo, NY.
She has a beautiful voice & a personality to match.

Unknown said...

Diana Z. gave people here in Palmer Alaska a treat with her music.
Paul & Shelley

Anonymous said...

She is the defintely the one of the most beautiful,wonderful and inspirational peeople I have ever known.

Anonymous said...

A Diamond...
: )

Ben Jones said...

yep, she's rad.

Melissa Mitchell said...

LOVE her!!!

Shara Dorris said...

She is an amazing person with a beautiful voice!