Monday, September 24, 2007

Culture Clash - let's help H out!

I am a first year MBA student I was wondering if I should go to your KDS just for this session, but I think I made the right decision to attend. I think you are very good at what you are doing and was impressed by the way you conveyed the message.

Unfortunately I was not able to talk to you after the session. I have a question that keeps bothering me all the time, and was hoping you might have a suggestion about how to deal with it. I remember you mentioning last evening that most of the business decisions take place at the golf course. I totally agree with you.

But here’s what I have noticed with me, I can talk for hours about business but when it comes to talking about that other things like golf or anything other than work, I kind of get quiet and that’s one of the reasons people see me as a boring person, they just hang out with me when there is work and then after that they tend to be with their own gang.

I have tried hard to fit in but I don’t know if there is something that I should do. Added to that whenever I am offered an invite to go out by my colleagues, I kind of reject the offer (1). Because I am a woman from India and not used to hanging out in bars late in the night (2) I don’t drink, dance, smoke etc. so I have noticed that colleagues that do the above tend to bond better and have much more to share than me.

Even though I have better talents to perform in my job, I have noticed that my bosses tend to prefer hanging out with the peers that can party.

I don’t want to change my lifestyle and start drinkng and doing all the other stuff just to go up the organization, however I am sure that there might be other things that people can do to fit in. Could you please provide me with any insights?

I really think that is one of the most difficult challenges for me in the work place and I am doing a lot of trial and errors that so far has not resulted in any permanent success. I would definitely like to know what you have to say about this situation whenever you can afford to write to me.

Use Knocking down Silos to help you in your career!

Over the next Month, I'll be holding 4 "Knocking Down Silos" in Hamilton, Toronto, Waterloo and Guelph. The schedule and PDF are here.

Many people use "Knocking down Silos" as a business development tool. Can I show you how to do this as well? It may help you get more sales or receive that great job offer.

If you have been to a "Knocking down Silos" event, you know it is an interactive evening that reviews the basics of proper networking behaviour. Hundreds of people from different industries show up to learn how to increase their effectiveness in the business (and personal) world.

Every 20 minutes, people have to turn to the person next to them and ask key questions (e.g. "what's your biggest challenge and how can I help you?). Here is a video preview. Who would you like sitting next to you when they ask you that question? Then invite them!

Send the PDF for the event to people you either know or wish to get to know better. These could be clients, prospects, key industry people, potential bosses. Many people in life know the importance of networking but have never been shown how to do it. You can simply forward the email with your endorsement.



****I am using KDS as a showcase for meeting planners. If you know any, I would really appreciate you inviting them to come as your guest***

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mississauga Knocking down Silos Continues!

If you were one of the 121 participants at Knocking Down Silos at UTM on September 15, thanks so much for coming...and this posting is for you!

I want to provide you with an interactive way to continue to provide value to people in attendence who you didn't meet.
Please click "comments" below and post a comment:
- tell us a little bit about who you are and what you got out of the KDS evening.
- tell us what you do for fun on weekends
- tell us your greatest challenge so we can help you (be specific eg use a top 10 list)
- offer to help the rest of us

Then check back on this blog to help others and to see who is offering to help you.

The Summary PDF for the evening is here.

Let's keep the buzz going until the next KDS!