Thursday, August 24, 2006

Your outreach Document!

Whether we are looking for employment or new business, we should all have an "Outreach Document" in our briefcases.

Sample question: "Do you know of any opportunities for me?"

Reaction: "Uhhh...sorry"

Better question: "Can you take a look at this list and see if you know anyone from any of these companies?"

Reaction: "Let me look at your cousin works at this company, my wife's boss used to work at this one and I actually golfed with the CFO from this company last month - I had a great time, although he beat me by 5 strokes!"

Dorothea Schramm and Dave Freeman (both marketing whizzes) are responsible for me being able to offer this Outreach Document for you to use. I have left it in Word format so you can customize it and carry it with you! Thanks Dorothea and Dave. To get you have to give and you both have given generously.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Why doesn't anyone return my email? An article in today's Globe and Mail

...a new survey which found that 80 per cent of U.S. executives believe they receive too much regular communication every day from both internal and external sources. To cope, they are increasingly looking for ways to filter out non-essential e-mails, voicemail, memos and messages, according to the survey of 237 senior executives and managers....*

Remember to: Pass the POI. People respond best to People, then Objects, then Ideas. No email will ever be as effective as your personality in selling yourself or your product. A warm referral is better than the most effective email.

Want to read the article? Go to and search for "Is anyone really listening?"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

An email from a nice person - and my response

Dear Dave,

My friend, [________ _____] spoke very highly of you and suggested that I contact you. I'm finishing my PhD in pharmacokinetics, and I'm starting my job search. I was wondering if you could give me some names of specific people in the PK/PD field that I could contact? I'm hoping to be able to work in the GTA, but anything, anywhere in Canada would be of tremendous help!

Thanks very much,

Dear ________,

Thanks for your email - I'd be delighted to help you but first, may I ask a favour? Please go to my blog site and read through the postings - starting in March 2006. They outline my way of helping people (e.g. I can't get you a job, just an introduction, I also can't introduce you to someone unless I know what company you want an introduction to).

I'm afraid I don't know a lot about PK/PD but do have a lot of connections with many different companies in many different industries.

You may also consider coming to one of our huge networking nights this Fall in Hamilton, Waterloo and Toronto (see below). You'll have fun, learn a lot about networking and meet some great people! If you can't make it, I am producing a DVD based on the last 2.5 hour evening - let me know if you want to get one.

And please me know when you've finished your homework!



Networking Tip of the Week at

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September 26, 2006
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October 3, 2006
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Knocking down Silos Networking Night
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Monday, August 14, 2006

What goes around - comes around.

Dave talks about going outside your comfort zone. The other day, I pulled a "Dave Howlett" and talked to a stranger...something I had never done before.
I am a senior claims adjuster with over 20 years in the insurance industry.
In 2003, I was transferred from Ottawa to Mississauga and looking for ways to meet people in our Oakville community. I had taken some running classes with the Running Room in Ottawa and thought I could meet some runners through the local Running Room store, but it's not easy to make new friends and I ran alone most of the time.

One Sunday a large group of joggers came up behind me and the next thing I knew, this smiling guy was chatting with me. We discovered we had both lived in Ottawa and discussed places and people we knew. He invited me to run with his group, later I discovered that he was teaching the marathon clinic at the store. It's been 2 years since then, I am on my 5th clinic, one of the group leaders and we have made terrific friends in the Oakville community.

So now I get to "pay it forward" - watch out if you are jogging on your own!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To get, you have to about the gift of a smile?

Another way of keeping in touch with people (and keep on their radar screen) is something many of us do instinctively ...we send them a joke or a small movie to make them smile. They send this on in turn to friends and family.

Just like everything else though, it has to be personal and applicable. Sending one to a person with a brief header telling them you were thinking of them and that the attachment might cheer up their day...can be very powerful.

Need an example? Go to ... listen to the little song about a cubicle. Save it on your computer. Then think about who you can send it to (someone who works in an office?) This way, when you contact them later, you have something to chuckle over...and you gave them the gift of a smile.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I was wondering if you could help a friend?

Dear Dave,

I have a connection favour to ask...Attached is a resume from a friend of mine who is looking for employment..she is a hardworking and decent person who is truly in need of employment..any employment after the ending of a personal partnership and the resulting turmoil that creates. I offered to email you. I understand if you are not able to assist her with the "famous five" connection you are infamous for! She has a varied background but would love to work for...

Signed Helpful Friend

Dear Friend,

It's great to hear from you! Can you ask your friend to contact me directly please? Between you and me, I have stopped doing a lot of networking for 3rd parties. I have found much gets lost in the translation and sometimes the enthusiasm comes from the middle party, not the person who needs the opportunity or job. (I really see this with parents of kids looking for employment.)

Besides, networking takes courage and the easiest first step is to call someone who is offering to help you. That’s actually my first filter and you would be surprised how many times I never get a call from the person who needed the help (it happened 3 times last month).

I know you understand this type of thing and compliments to you again for your generosity in helping people. Tell her to please contact me with her "wish list" and we'll put the wheels in motion!


PS Please tell your friend that I’m doing more Knocking Down Silo events this Fall – details are at