Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank-you Cards - Feedback from the Field


The Howlett Method 101! Today I received my first hand written thank you card! Dave people are listening to you…. Be very , very afraid…

Last week another member of our sales team asked for my help… I dunno.. I guess he thinks I may know a thing or two about hospitality sales….(I sure fooled him eh!) today in picking up my mail.. there was a handwritten thank you card from my colleague thanking me for my time, my insight and how I had helped him …. It wasn’t so much that he had actually taken the time to thank me but the thought behind it! I know that he took your course, he knows that I know this is a Howlett method. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that the guy listened, took action and truly did a nice thing for someone else … I wasn’t having a particularly good day.. this made me feel good! Amazing the power of a hand written thank you… He went from a B list to A list in a fast hurry.. I’d be happy to help the guy in a heartbeat!

Dave, just wanted to drop a note (and you know I’d hand write it but geeze we’ve been chatting so much lately I’d go broke with postage!) to let you know the impact you are having… I will say this.. thanks for sharing your knowledge… people do listen to what you have to say.. it’s a great message and even if very few do take the time to actually send makes the people receiving them feel that much better even if for a little while…. Now that’s making the world a better place!!


Stephen Ing
Senior Sales Manager
The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver


Dear Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that I've been sending 'thank-you' cards for a few months now. I want to thank you for teaching me to do so because I have now truly realized how much of an impact a sincere gesture makes. I send my godmother one for all the years of birthday gifts I've received and she was so moved she said no one had ever sent her a card like that before. On another occasion I received a thank-you card for a thank-you card I had written. That was a nice surprise! Anyways I have now started buying boxes of thank-you cards and making up for the years I never sent them. My friends think I'm obsessed but I think they secretly love the cards they get from me.

Sincerely, Maggie Dys
Undergraduate, University of Waterloo