Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let's Help N. out!

Hi Dave I was at your Brock presentation last week and I thought it was just amazing. I've started to notice changes in myself in just one week. I'm also going out and buying cards. I was just wondering what are some good questions to ask in an information interview? I've thought about it and I have an information interview set up next week but I want some really good questions that will start to help me connect. The job I'm getting information on is a Private banker. If you could please help that would be greatly appreciated.Thank you. N.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

KDS Target Market and the thoughtfulness of others

I had the opportunity to conduct a Knocking down Silos at the University of Guelph last week and had two associates (Jennifer Taylor and Kelly Morse) who came up from St. Catherines to photograph the event. Remember my point about needing accountability buddies? These are people in your life who see things about you with a fresh pair of eyes.
Kelly sent me an email and an additional photo and pointed out the coincidence of the 2 gentlemen sitting in my talk. Same positioning but different clothes, shoes and even watches.

This insight really captures for me the types of people who come to KDS.
Thanks Kelly for your observations; we all need people to noitice the details around us.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

RHB Sightings!

Have you attended a Knocking down Silos? Have you heard the story about Dr. Adi Treasurywala RHB?

Here's some nice feedback from a KDS last night:

I really enjoyed your presentation last night. It would seem to me that 'Knocking Down Silos' is about much more than finding a job or new business, it is an elegant reminder of the interconnectedness of the human experience.

RHB connects us all. Rear windows stickers are now available online at http://www.davehowlett.com/ (pins etc coming soon) Put one on the rear window of your car and tell us the story when you see one on the highway! It could get you the perfect job, sale and friendship!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Knocking down Silos and "Third Gear" What's your feedback?

Hi Folks,

It's been two years since I started giving "Knockiing down Silos" talks across North America. I started these originally as seminars on how to network for the perfect job or word-of-mouth sale but I am starting to see some interesting feedback (please see below as examples). I would value your thoughts and ideas on what you got from my talk and how and where you think I should take it.