Thursday, July 17, 2008

Networking for a job - keep your promises!

When you network for a job or to sell your product, realize that your reputation begins the moment you send your first email or make your first phone call. At each point along the way, people you have never met will think "will introducing this person to my contacts make me look good or bad?"
We sometimes forget that just keeping our promises will determine the difference between "she's amazing" and "she seems a little flakey."
Here's an email/phone stream that started 2 weeks ago:

Hi TB, I believe UM mentioned to you that I would be forwarded over my resume. As he mentioned, I am looking into the field of pharmaceutical sales and bring with me over the past 8 years an employment history of sales and client relations along with research skills and developing new business. Attached is my resume and thank you in advance for taking the time to review. I look forward to any feedback/referrals you might have. Best, DP


Thanks for your email. I spoke with my contact, Dave Howlett, in the industry. He is a great match maker and has a lot of contacts within the Pharmaceutical industry.

He asked that you first read and will chat subsequently.

Feel free to phone me if you'd like to chat.

Kind Regards, TB



Thanks for getting back to me and having a conversation with you. I will have a look at the link you gave and will get back to you after I've read it. My friend had a problem opening my resume in the format it was saved in so I have reattached for you in case you have problems as well. Thanks and I will get back to you shortly.
Best, DP


Dear Dave,

Here's DP's info. I finally spoke with her and she indicated that she read your site.
I'm not sure if/how you want to arrange a chat between the two of you

Call me if you'd like to chat. I'm in office for the remainder of the day.

Hope you are well.

Kind Regards,


Dear TB, It was great chatting with you. Ask her to call me today (Friday) as I have some free time.


Dear Dave,

She said she doesn't want to bother you. She'll call you Monday


Dear TB,




Dear Dave,

If you don't hear from her on Monday, don't worry about it.



(Wednesday, the following week)

Dear TB,

...thanks for your insights about my new website.

BTW - I never heard from DP.

Hmmm…she had a warm lead that someone set up for her on a specific day and she failed to follow up as promised…Not a good sign if she wants to be in sales….

BTW – that’s my first filter – I tell people to call me if they need help – and 50% don’t.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sometimes it's not specifically about the money

I just returned from a memorable trip to Whistler and discovered a nice note in my mailbox. It was penned by an attendee at the Emerging Leaders conference in London.

Too often, people assume employees are motivated simply for a salary or other monetary compensation.

In actuality, when I have asked hundreds of people "what do you like about your job?" they often tell me that they enjoy helping people and making a difference.

Remember third gear? The salary is like the thank-you wave we get in traffic when we let someone in front of us. If we are truly in third gear, the (wave/salary) is appreciated, but it's not primarily why we do what we do.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this note - you made my week!