Friday, January 09, 2009

The best kind of humour is self-deprecating

The 3rd rule of the Real Human Being is "get over yourself."

Want to make fun of someone?

Make fun of yourself.

I am a speaker at a carbo-dinner for the Burlington, Ontario HSBC Chilly Half Marathon this Spring. I thought you all would get a kick out of my photo and introduction for the promo.


Dave Howlett is an award-winning marathon runner who will show you how unflinching courage, brutal training and steely-eyed focus will allow you to meet your personal goals. He has a PB of 2:14:07* and won the 1996 Boston marathon**

Dave Howlett is an professional speaker ( whose humorous and educational talks have entertained hundreds of audiences worldwide. Since he rolled off the couch 15 years ago (don’t be impressed…the guy married a personal trainer), Dave has slurped and burped through 14 marathons and will be completing his 5th Ironman in Austria this summer. He has also taught “Howlett’s Heavy Breathers” marathon classes.
In his spare time, Dave designs beautiful custom jewelry for discerning runners by stringing together lost toenails.

If you are nervous before the big day…Dave’s philosophy of living through laughter will keep you entertained until the finishing line!

* in the 10km
** taxi-assisted

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