Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's be that one card

You probably know a girl or a guy like Stephanie. You might call her amazing or you might say he's a good guy.

He might be the guy working at the local coffee shop or perhaps he's the mechanic servicing your car. She could be your accountant or the lady who runs the local daycare.

They make you smile and they make you think; they transcend their occupation.

Stephanie was my favourite teller at the local bank in Oakville. Whenever I dealt with her I felt like a real human being rather than just another customer.

When in line, I would wave other folks to go ahead of me until her wicket opened up. It is amazing how much conversation you can squeeze in between 3 cheque deposits but Stephanie humanized the process of banking.

Last year, Stephanie headed off to Italy to work at a law firm in Milan. Just before Christmas, I received an email from her.
YA know champ! I put a light bulb in my bosses head and made the man proud.. I was in charge of the office Christmas cards and they are only sent to business contacts etc... The bank that we deal with in Milan is "poor" and kill us with their mistakes (and with my TDCANADA TRUST training/standards- they would be closed!)

So I suggested to my boss that we send a X-mas card... He said "What, they are horrible Steph, they give poor service etc..." I agreed however I explained how at my bank we would get showered with gifts/cards/baked goods etc, because we took care and people noticed.. So I said I know that they will not get one card, at best BUT lets be that one card..

After pleading with him, he said yes and I made the label and sent the card... Today when I came back to work, my friend had said that someone from the bank had called our office and she was so happy and said thank you for the card!

My boss came in and added "That girl Stephanie is such a good girl"....

He is an awesome boss and I couldn't ask for anyone better but we all can improve in little ways..

Dave, you are a wonderful human being and I'm going to drill with all my might to get you and your talk to Italia!

Take care champ!

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